Instruction - How to Ski
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Want to ski better? Beginner or Expert?


Introduction to : The 6 Steps to Effortless Skiing in detail...........
By Craig McNeil

After teaching skiing for over thirty years I've come up with
6 steps
that I feel every skier needs to know regardless of their ability. I call these the "Six Steps to Effortless Skiing."

The mind can only think about one thing at a time when we are skiing. Using the six steps will help you to focus on the positive aspects of your technique. I recommend starting with number one and work on it until it becomes subconscious. After you can do it without thinking about it move on to number 2, and so on. These steps can be used from beginner through expert. Once you get to advanced levels I modify some of these techniques and add certain elements, which I explain in my book, How to Ski the Blues and Blacks,
Without Getting Black and Blue.

How would you like to ski like Harb?
You can, follow the steps.
STEP 1 - Lift and Tilt--or Detail/Pictures Click Here.
STEP 2 - Right Ski, Left Ski, ---For Detail/Pictures Click Here.
STEP 3 - Control Your Speed-- For Detail/Pictures Click Here.
STEP 4 - Exhale on every turn-----For Detail/Pictures Click Here.
STEP 5 - Look ahead----- For Detail/Pictures Click Here.
STEP 6 - Keep your rhythm constant ------For Detail/Pictures Click Here.